Get Good Energy from France:

Cedre de Meudon
The Cedre de Meudon / Imperial Cedar
6.59 km from the Eiffel Tower lives a Cedar Tree
that is surrounded by uncountable legends and fairytales.

The Tree is told to have the magical power to
transmit good energy if
take some time to look at it.
In the background of the Cedar you see the Eiffel Tower
and the Paris skyline.

The Eiffel Tower was build by between 1887 and 1889.
The Imperial Cedar tree is much older, nobody knows it's exact age.
Historical records say that the first Cedar Trees arrived in France in 1734,
but the circumference of the officially oldest tree,
the "Cèdre de Jussieu", 4m56, located in the Paris Jardin des Plantes
is less than the 4m88 of the Meudon Imperial Cedar.

Josephine de Beauharnais
Some beleive it was a present of Empress Josephine,
wife of Napoleon.
1800 Josephine planted the Cèdre de Marengo in the parc of her Château de Malmaison.
1806 she offered the Cèdre Redoute to her drawing teacher Pierre Joseph Redouté that lived in Meudon.

Power to transmit good energy
What is magical about the tree is it's power to transmit good energy.
Many people loved the Cèdre Impérial for this reason. has directly taken benefit from this energy.

1997 july some years before creating the whitepages ...
our company handled a long distance phone services.
One day all phonelines broke down, we had to calm down thousands of phone subscribers,
find a new carryier and manually switch over every client.
Mission impossible ...

Coco Chanel and Dmitri Romanov
At that time we rembered a story of Coco Chanel.
1920 Chanel had come to see the tree when she needed energy to lauch N°5.
Chanel knew about the tree from her boyfriend Dmitri Romanov.
Dmitri had grown up in Russia with legends around the magical tree.

His aunt the last Tsarina of Russia told her children fairytales about France,
the Cedre de Meudon beeing one of them.

see history of Chanel by

Aimée de HeerenJoseph Patrick Kennedy
Apart from the Imperial Cedar that is between 150 and 80 years older than Chanel
the famous fashion designer and the editor of had a friend together:
Aimée de Heeren was 20 years younger than Chanel
and 62 years older than the editor of the Irish whitepages
giving him acces to long forgotten stories
as if it was possible to bypass the barriers of time.

Aimée was a WW2 secret service agent who had a bit of a connection with Ireland
through her boyfriend Joseph Patrick Kennedy Jr.
The Kennedys are an American family from with Irish roots.
JFK's older brother had to help Aimée lobbyingaround the Roosevelt administration
to finally decide to take action against Germany.

Aimée that was allso using our phonelines advised to go see the Cedar of Meudon
to get the energy to solve the problem.

Calming down, watching the magical tree
a new carryier was found
and most of our phone clients remained.
Otherwise we would not have been able
to continue ....
inventing - a few years later -
the Phone Book of the World and the Whitepages of different countries: came alive in 2004, in 2010.
2015 mai someting else happened around the Imperial Cedar of Meudon.
Walking around the tree one spring evening we run into a Lady.

Gustave EiffelEiffel Tower construction
The Lady is very artistic.
and almost unbeleivable -
she is from the family of Gustave Eiffel, the man that built the Eiffel Tower.
The encounter resulted in a change of our Whitepages logo
replacing the letters "i" and "a" by the famous tower.

The Cedre de Meudon has seen the tower beeing constructed.
Since the millenum night the Cedre can observe the Eiffel sparkeling in the evening
every time the hour changes.
Video have been made about the tree,
go to and entre #cedreimperialmeudon

More also on Instagram #cedreimperialmeudon .

View on the Cedre de Meudon
Next time you travel to France,
stop in Paris
and come by 11 rue de la Republique 92190 Meudon
to see the magical tree in person ...
You can also admire it from the Observatoire de Meudon.

Villa Les Cedres MeudonView Cedre de Meudon
Unfortunately the once beautiful
botanical garden of the "Villa les Cèdres"
which surrounded the Imperial Cedar
is now owned by the Mairie de Meudon which turned most of its grounds
into paved parking spots - paved so much that the tree does not get enough water.
Cedar trees can become over 500 years old, but of course they need water.

The worst danger for the trees is real estate promotion
Money minded people want to use their historic spots
to replace them by buildings.

Hopefully Denis Larghero the young new mayor of the city of Meudon
will resist and protect the most famous symbol of his city.

But who knows maybe one day the botanical garden will be restored.
Some people would like to see a small Chanel Museum arrive
around the magical tree that fascinated the iconic fashion designer.

Others think about a little Museum for Napoleon
around the Cèdre de Meudon.
Unitl 1815 the current "Rue de la Republique" was called "Rue Napoléon"

The Cedar has met so many people the possibilities are endless ...
Located right next to Paris, the world's most visited city,
many people would be delighted to come.

Meudon already has two Museums, Musée d'histoire de Meudon
and Musée Rodin de Meudon
but unfortunately few international people know about them,
so ticket sales don't break records.
A Chanel Museum would change this ...

Watch the Cedar Imperial Meudon
and get good energy from

Good Night Paris with Cedre Imperial Meudon

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