Telecom background

Thomas Witherings, signature
1635 Royal Posts opens in England to the general Public
Thomas Witherings (?? - 1651) appointed Postmaster of Foreign Mail
by King Charles I of England (1600 - 1649)

1650 Permanent Post Offices open in Ireland
1659 Ireland has 24 Post Offices

1671 Leon Pajot (1625 est - 1668) and Louis Rouillé
creetated the Royal Freench Postal Services in Paris
a private company organising mail for
the 3rd Bourbon King Louis XIV (1638 - 1715).

The headquater of "La Poste"
is the Hotel de Villeroy Bourbon (VB),
9-11 rue des Déchargeurs
once the school of young Louis XIV.

1708 Louis Leon Pajot (1678 - 1754),
grandson of the company founders
becomes Postmaster General in Paris.
He organises horse powered mail exchange between
Dublin and Paris.
His most important mail exchange partner
is Anselm Franz, 2nd Prince of Thurn & Taxis
a private Postal entrepreneur based in Brussels and Francfort.

1715 Louis XV (1710 - 1774) becomes the 4th King of France.
Growing up he becomes more and more irritated
by La Poste owned by Pajot & Rouillé.
The Pajot & Rouillé family is so glamorous and so sucessful
it outshines the King.

1738 mai 21 Louis XV withdraws the Postal License
and the VB mansion in Paris falls asleep.
Over the years the story of the company is forgotten in Paris,
but it remains in the memory of the Thurn & Taxis.

1784 Establishment of an independant Irish Post Office
under the era of Secretary Lohn Lees.

1789 - 1806 Postmaster Charles Loftus
1807 - 1831 Postmaster Charles O'Neill

1867 july 1 Thurn & Taxis also loses
their privately owned Postal company,
but in contrary to Pajot & Rouillé the state of Prussia
has to make a compensation payment.

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1876 february 14 Alexander Bell invents the Telephone

Irish P&T
1924 creation of Irish Posts and Telegraphs
headed by the Minister for Posts and Telegraphs
Ministery handles
State owned
Postal, Telegraph and Postal Services in Irland

Telecom companies in Ireland

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